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PWRUP Grip for Analogue Pocket

PWRUP Grip for Analogue Pocket

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The Analogue Pocket is an amazing gaming platform. Unfortunately, it isn't always comfortable to hold. That's why we made The PWRUP Grip. Our grip brings console quality ergonomics to your Analogue Pocket, in a style that compliments your device. Once you try it, you won't want to use the Pocket without it.

To use. just slide your Analogue Pocket into the perfectly sized PWRUP Grip.

Don't worry, we've added felt inside to protect your Pocket from getting scratched.

The handles of the grip are inset with precision machine cut foam to further enhance your comfort for longer sessions- the only Pocket grip to do so.


Materials: 3D Printed Plastic, EVA Foam, Felt

The PWRUP Grip may fit more tightly than intended if you are using a skin/wrap. This won't damage your Pocket, but your wrap might wear down eventually.

Production Duration: Our grips are made to order. Please allow 10 business days from the date of purchase + shipping time. We usually ship before 10 days (but please don't ask when your order will ship). 

Disclaimer: We have not had any reports of our grip scratching a Pocket. However, due to the extremely delicate nature of the Pocket's finish, PWRUP is not responsible for any damage or marking as a result of using this product. If you are extremely protective of your Pocket's finish and want extra peace of mind, please check out our protective decal pack.

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